Raymond (lovesickfirefly) wrote in disney_dress,

I figured it's high-time I brought him here//Intro//Please pardon mun's French fail

As night begins to fall in the dressing room, the shimmering little light of a firefly can be seen floating gently through the air.

"Now... Dis ain't right... How I's a firefly again?" The firefly looks concerned as he surveys his surroundings and his own body. "Where's Evangeline?"

And then he looks up, and every hint of concern melts away from his face. He grins up at the night sky. "Oh, dere you are. Well, I guess we gonna be like dis again for a while. Don't worry, ma cheri, I'm sure we'll be together again soon."

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It seems they allow any annoying pest in to this strange place. Judge Claude Frollo sneers at the little firefly and moves on, If it comes near him he knows EXACTLY how to deal with such a disgusting creature just as easily as he deals with those gypsy vermin.
Ray manages to pull his gaze from the sky as he notices the man walking past him. He's not sure he like the expression on the mans face... But maybe he knows what this palce is. He sure looks important. The little firefly cautiously moves closer.
No! That's the exact opposite of what he wants the little firefly to do, Frollo has no interest in your antics Ray, Buzz off before he does to you what he did to those poor ants back at the Palace of justice!
Ah, if only Ray new that...

"'Scuse me, sir!" he calls from a bit of a distance.
"Ugh.." He sneers. "Another insect."

And with that Frollo carries on walking, he refuses to get involved with the antics of one very lovesick firefly. It's a useless creature one that doesn't deserve to be placed upon the earth, It has no use, it is small and disgusting and sickens him to the bitter core.
Okay, so that didn't work. Ray darts closer, and tries again.

"Scu' me, sir? Can you hear me?" he shouts. Perhaps the man is hard of hearing...
Frollo swallows and waves his hand in front of Ray, trying to swat the thing out of sight, Not only does it look detestable it has a highly annoying accent too. All the more reason Frollo should try to destroy him.

"Leave me be you groteqsue imbecilic thing!"
Ray manages to dodge the hand, and flies back quite a distance.

"Well, fine, den, if it's gonna be like dat. I'll fin' someone else t' tell me where I'm at."
Well, that little glow is very endearing and all, but there's a time and a place for everything.

"Hey, psst!" Flik called out in a loud whisper. "Mind keeping that light down a bit? Some bugs are trying to get a little sleep. Okay? Thanks."

And he grabs his leaf blanket and readjusts it as he rolls over.
"Oh!" Ray looks over to Flik, then dims his light a bit. "Sorry 'bout dat!"
"No... problem," he mutters almost incoherently as he continues rolling around, trying to get comfortable again. The little rock he was using as a pillow wasn't extremely comfortable no matter how much he tried to pretend it was a seed.

Finally, he realized it wasn't working out so he kicked off his covers and got up, looking around for something...

"Let's see... If I just use a-- a, hm..." He could makeshift something better if he just had...

"'Scuse me again!" he said, calling out to Ray. "Have you seen any dandelions around here? The-- The puffy ones, not the yellow ones. You know, when they're soft and all that."